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The Robe

Our father is a woodcutter driven to drink, and when he drinks he likes to talk.


Now that night she said we had to go dancing, but first we had to put on dresses.


We chant around the grill in our backyard every Friday the 13th to scare the neighbors who told the Homeowners’ Association our violet paint job was garish.


Once lived a woman wrapped in a magenta skin so brilliant she glowed, but the story doesn’t start like that.

The Seed and The Stone

The Arbor tells us stories of a time before, when all the dead were kept in orchards that rolled endlessly, and had always been there, and people tended to them constantly in gratitude and respect for their ancestors.

a disappearance beside the yatsushiro sea

Margaret Morri was the name Yoshikane Araki used when referring to an apparition who squeezed under the doorway or window mesh or rose between barrack floorboards to haunt the hot desert air above his straw mattress.