Julian K. Jarboe /
April 11, 2018
The Seed and The Stone

About The Author

Julian K. Jarboe

Julian K. Jarboe is a writer and sound designer living in Salem, Massachusetts, and a 2018 Fellow at the Writers’ Room of Boston. Their work can be found at toomanyfeelings.com, and they tweet @JulianKJarboe.

Fairy tales, myths, and legends engage with emotional and intuitive truths, even if those truths are inscrutable. The fairy tale has an orthogonal relationship to the so-called rules of fiction and fashions of prose, in the way that mariners have a culture that can be extrinsic from the politics of societies on land. There are speculative stories in which it’s necessary to develop a system or an explanation, even just a suggestion of a larger world, in order to suspend disbelief. In a fairy tale, the teller and their listener decide to care very much about knowing nothing and transform flaws into features in the pursuit of a different logic with different ends.