Jaime Zuckerman /
August 29, 2018
Winter Father Persimmon Sleep

About The Author

Jaime Zuckerman

Jaime Zuckerman is the author of two chapbooks, Letters to Melville (Ghost Proposal, 2018) and Alone in this Together (Dancing Girl Press, 2016) as well as recent or forthcoming poems Diode, Forklift: Ohio, Foundry, Thrush, Vinyl and other journals. She serves as the poetry editor of Redivider, the art director for Sixth Finch, and a senior reader for Ploughshares. She grew up in the woods but now lives and teaches in Boston, MA.

Fairy tales are misunderstood as romantic, magical stories with happy endings. However, for every princess success story, there’s a monster, a brutal murder, an orphaned child. The world of fairy tales is just as dark and unpredictable as our real world. Though people assume their audience is children, fairy tales are more often for adults reckoning with a world that is violent and unfair. The characters that survive to “happily ever after” are the moral and resilient ones–the ones who maintain their integrity, no matter what cruelty the world throws at them, the ones willing to trick a witch into her own oven. I believe fairy tales offer us a vision for ethical and emotional strength in the face of a world that is randomly cruel and violent