Molly Fessler /
October 10, 2018

About The Author

Molly Fessler

Molly Fessler grew up on a llama farm outside Detroit, and studied at Bryn Mawr College. Her work has been published in Real Simple,, and Cicada Magazine, among others. Her favorite type of berry is blue and she believes the best poems are written when stopped at a traffic light.

Fairy tales ask us to stretch our worldview a little wider, to make room for the magical, the fanciful, the just maybe. They offer us stories teasingly close to reality. The best ones are also creepy enough to make us want to want to cuddle up under the blankets with a buddy and a puppy. Not every poem or prose piece that I write is a fairy tale, but every work aims to create this same sense of would-be, could-be, and what-if.