H.R. Webster /
January 30, 2019
‘Mollie & Lobo Wolf Girl’ & ‘Notes on the Tower’

About The Author

H.R. Webster

H.R. Webster’s work has recently appeared in the Massachusetts Review, Ecotone, Black Warrior Review, Ninth Letter, The Missouri Review, and other publications. She has received fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center, the University of Michigan, and the Vermont Studio Center. You can find her work at www.hrwebster.com.

Stories of feral children are the fairy tales that hold the most sway over my work. They are stories about deep cruelty (human) and deep care (animal), about the uses and uselessnesses of language, about the ease with which we can slip into wildness. They are stories about our essential failures to understand each other, the blunt tools of narrative, taxonomy, gesture. Of course I dreamt wolves would raise me if I was lost. Of course I desired and feared that possibility.