Emily Pérez /
October 24, 2018
‘Song for My Daughter,’ ‘Song for My Son,’ & ‘Out of the Wood-‘

About The Author

Emily Pérez

Emily Pérez is the author of House of Sugar, House of Stone, the chapbook Backyard Migration Route, and the forthcoming chapbook Made and Unmade. Her poems have appeared in journals including Poetry, Diode, and Bennington Review. She teaches English and Gender Studies in Denver, where she lives with her husband and sons.

The familiar form of a fairy tale jumpstarts a poem, as the reader enters with a host of associations, possibly even a plot. Meanwhile, the tale’s flat characters can be infused with a range of emotions and motives. I found “Hansel and Gretel” a useful tool for examining the many ways family members abandon one another in my book House of Sugar, House of Stone. These days, I am working with “Hans My Hedgehog”—again as a way of looking at family dynamics—and “The Robber Bridegroom,” as a template for how society encourages and enables toxic masculinity.