Katharine Haake /
February 13, 2019
Diptych: The Bunch, Your Duck/Dog

About The Author

Katharine Haake

Katharine Haake’s books include a future eco-fable, The Time of Quarantine; a hybrid California prose lyric, That Water, Those Rock; three collections of stories; and the recent prose chapbook, Assumptions We Might Make About the Postworld. Her writing has appeared widely in literary magazines and been recognized as distinguished by Best American Stories and Best American Essays, among others. A prior recipient of a Los Angeles Master Artist Fellowship, Haake teaches at CSU Northridge.

A long time ago a high-profile editor rejected a dense hybrid prose lyric I’d written, saying, “I liked it better when you wrote plain, old-fashioned stories.” At the time, this seemed impossible to me, until I somehow stumbled on the auspicious alchemy by which fabulism works to reconcile the paradox between post-modern irony and simple storytelling. In time, my interest shifted from the fable to the parable as my work grew smaller and more intimate, more invested in matters of the spirit than of the body politic, tiny testaments to the postworld, which you are reading here.