Roberto Rodriguez-Estrada /
March 21, 2018
‘Covenant I’ & ‘Daphne’

About The Author

Roberto Rodriguez-Estrada

Roberto Rodriguez-Estrada was born in 1990. They are a graduate of Hampshire College, where they studied literature and intellectual history. They are currently working on a collection of stories that riff on myths and fairy tales, taking place between Nicaragua and California in the wake of war and natural disasters. They write poetry, fiction and lyric essays in Oakland.

My early responses to fairy tales, even before I could read them, were visceral. Learning that bodies are more mutable than they appear. That a person could become animal or object or plant, could be cursed back into nothing.

I would not have begun to tell stories had I not wanted to wield this effect on my own: that bending and breaking of what’s possible for a story, for language. Aberrations that are at once strange and surreal, and contiguous to our own reality. Shaping it. Imagination as much a place of strangeness and captivity as it is of liberation.