Kiik A-K /
March 28, 2018
a disappearance beside the yatsushiro sea

About The Author

Kiik A-K

Kiik A-K is a graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop. He is currently at work on a novel called The Book of Kane and Margaret. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Pleiades, The Southeast Review, The Stoneslide Corrective, The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, and Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading.

I’m currently working on a sort of novel-by- tapestry where “a disappearance beside the yatsushiro sea” is one tiny chapter woven into the mess. Many chapters are fairy tales and have magical insects like wasps that can eat lies before they touch your ears and cicada songs that can cure maladies.

The tales are all housed historically in the early1940s at a Japanese Internment Camp in Gila River, AZ; this was where my grandparents fell in love and were married and had their first of three daughters.

I think my fairy tales are a way to explore the idea of a non-human in a colonial setting; by this I just mean to relocate and detain a massive population of people, an entire country has to agree the detainees and their rights are somehow not equivalent to human (interestingly, Japanese detainees lived in horse stalls and other structures that had been erected for animals). In some of these tales, I wanted to see how some otherworldly creatures and forces might respond to the otherworldly predicament.